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We will rock like the vikings

The biggest Open Air Festival along the inlet in Schleswig-Holstein is celebrating again from the 24th to the 26th 2017.

After the concert is before the concert. Baltic Open Air is ready to rock the year of 2017. The program is sick, the first bands have confirmed and are ready to rock with you. We are leaving the old location behind and are ready to present Baltic Open Air on a new historical location. Hard, harder, hardest, it is going down on stage and this for the first time on an even bigger festival location for even more metal and rock music. Baltic Open Air will for the first time be held in Haddeby in front of the ports of Schleswig, the city of the Vikings.

On board is among the other the Queen of Metal, Doro Pesch. The 1,54-meter-tall bundle of energy is the leading lady of the German rock scene. The Queen of Metal presents this as usual with her powerful voice.

And it is happening again! Frei.Wild at the Baltic Open Air 2015 the thoroughbred musicians mixed up the North and their fans more than they expected. Next year Frei.Wild are very exclusive, because it’s the only festival concert they are giving in northern Germany. The motto is as usual, German rock, loud and heavy. When the lights turn on, the stage is being rocked. Nothing has changed. Frei.Wild makes music with German lyrics, that are neither philosophically nor abstract nor contrived. The band has no fear of contact with the German language, the boys sing exactly what they mean.

From the South of the federal republic the band Megaherz is joining the festival 2017. It’s going to be another live act filled with German rock, who are rocking the stage.

With rock-hard punk rock the band Unantastbar are presenting themselves. In 2016 they released their new album “Hand aufs Herz” and their year was filled with lots and lots of live gigs. Their until further most successful album reached no. 5 in Germany and no. 10 in Austria. In 2017 they will rock the Viking land with us.

But the German pop sing-along is not to be forgotten. Guildo Horn & die ortopädischen Strümpfe ensure frenetic mood- that’s for sure. German culture in weird costumes is to be expected, when the singer who in 1998 finished as the 7th place at the Eurovision Song Contest. The band will present classics like „Guildo hat euch lieb“, „Ich mag Steffi“ or covers like „Wunder gibt es immer wieder“ in the unmistakable Horn style.

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