Baltic Open Air 2019 - The Vikings do not have enough!

The wait is finally over. So far no one really knew what was going on at the Baltic Open Air 2019 in the Viking country. Good music and a lot of entertainment on and in front of the stage are guaranteed. But which artists are coming, what are the highlights and what are we looking forward to? So far there was only speculation. Now the organizer Daniel Spinler does not want to tempt the BOA fans anymore and announces the first bands for the festival next year. This does not mean, however, that the entire line-up is public. But who will be on the stage Friday at the BOA, 2019, is revealed now.

On three stages the BOA takes place from 22.-24. August lights a firework of the highest rock and metal league with the best live bands.

A highlight will be the appearance of the band "Accept", which has been one of the internationally most successful German rock bands in addition to the Scorpions for almost 47 years. As a pioneer of German heavy metal, they sold more than 27 million albums worldwide. When the boys conquer the stage, the air crackles, the ground vibrates, the drum sets in, and the brutal voice of Mark Tornillo puts the crown on it.

It includes hard rock and heavy metal bands of the highest quality, such as the South Tyrolean band "Unantastbar", who bring their current album "Leben-Lieben-Leiden". Authentic, lifelike lyrics paired with rousing punk rock riffs; inexorably straight and always against the mainstream.

Also once again a part of the festival "Schandmaul". The Munich Group is guarantor for highest quotas. Concerts are festive days for the numerous followers from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean, the last albums landed in the top ten. Enjoy razor-sharp riffs and a rousing vocal performance by the extraordinary geek Ralf Scheepers in the group "Primal Fear" as well as a mix of Viking, Epic, Folk and Melodic Death Metal of "Ensiferum" ensemble. , "Zaunpfahl", "Stinger" and "Die Apokalyptischen Reiter" have also confirmed their achievement.

On St. Nicholas' Day, there will be more bands announced. And these will be fantastic- promise!

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