Travel / Parking

You'll find info about travel here.

Free drinking water

There will be an opportunity to refill horns, cups and folding bottles at the free water taps in the infield and in the shower camp.

People with disabilities

There will be a separate entrance and a nearby parking spot, as well as a place near by the stage. Please understand that we only allow one person with you in the area. There will also be a separate bathroom. Please note that your companion doesn’t need a festival ticket.

Stages / Bands / Sound

Baltic Open Air has two main stages and the viking stage. You can find the program here later and see when there are no bands on stage. The organizer is not liable for damage to your hearing. Please provide your own to appropriate ear protection.

drinking horns

Horns with a "normal" size (capacity up to 0.5l) are allowed. If pointed or decorated so that you can injure yourself, these horns are not allowed.

Folding bottles 0,5l

Folding bottles with a capacity of 0.5 liters will be offered for the first time this year. These may of course also be taken into the infield.

Rescue routes on the campgrounds

Our camp security will pay close attention to keeping the escape routes clear. In this case we are urged to be strict. Obstructed escape lanes makes it even harder for police and paramedics.

Bathrooms / Showers / Hygiene

There will be provided enough toilets, which will be distributed all over the area. Shower camps are also available. Please leave the toilets and shower in a clean condition. The following person will be thankful!

Trash / Nature conservancy

The festival site is located on private property. We ask you politely to behave and to throw your trash in the designated containers. Keep the area clean at all times, so we can stay on this property for a long time.


Trade of any kind is prohibited at all times!

Area map

Take a first look at the featival area at TRAVEL.

Viking Market & Merchandise

Merchandise of the bands and the official Baltic Open Air 2018 Merch can be found at the official BAltic Open Air merchandise stand.

For variety at the festival site there will be all kinds of non-food articles at the Viking market.

Food / drinks

A variety of food can be found on the festival site. Furthermore, you are supplied to a wide variety of bars with beverages of all kinds. You are not allowed to bring food or drinks on the festival site.


On the festival site there is a limited amount of places where you can sit. You are not allowed to bring chairs etc. on the festival site.

Photo & Video cameras

Digital cameras are allowed on the entire area. Professional cameras, cameras with changeable lenses are not allowed. These are only allowed with an accredited photo pass/press card on the festival site.

Child policy / youth protection

Children under the age of 16 without a guardian or a parent are not permitted at concerts or festivals. However there is an exception that states that a guardian over the age of 18 is allowed to accompany a child with the allowance of the parents. In order for this you need to fill out this form DOWNLOAD [PDF 50 KB] and bring the ID of the parents and/or the guardian. The child is not to be left alone.

The serving of alcohol to the children is prohibited and only allowed in the presence of the guardian, who will take responsibility if anything goes wrong.

In the company of a guardian/parent you are allowed to bring two children in the age of 6 to 12 for free.

Absolutely forbidden!

Weapons or weapon-like objects, fireworks and things made out of glass are absolutely forbidden.

Camping chairs or any kind of seating (coolers) are not allowed.

Food and beverages are not allowed on the festival site. These can be purchased on the festival site.

The only exception is in a case of illness, such as diabetes. You must bring a document which provides the information of the disease. Drinks are only allowed in PET bottles up to 0.5 ltr.

There will be a security check when you enter the festival site and unauthorised items will be confiscated.

Animals of any kind are not allowed!
Any kind of glass is prohibited!


Our security will be present at all times and is there to ensure that you can enjoy a trouble-free festival. They will though act accordingly with all violations or disturbances. If there are any violations a dismissal from the festival can be pronounced. A refund of the ticket will not be possible.

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